Meeting with a college counselor was something that we weren't initially sure about, but working with Michele has been invaluable. Michele offers a personal experience based on current research and authentic understanding of the college admissions process.  She was available, listened well, and appreciated the things that are unique about our son. We are so glad to have worked with her.


Working with Michele made my college application process so much easier. Michele was incredibly supportive throughout the entire process, from researching colleges to helping me make sense of my financial aid offers once I was accepted. Michele was always friendly, supportive, and encouraging, and she was an invaluable resource for me and my family. I would highly recommend working with Michele for any student who is going through the process of applying to college!

Our daughter was a sophomore when we first met with Michele, and although it may have seemed a bit early to start thinking about colleges, it was invaluable. She gave us materials to approach the process in an organized manner, and she started our daughter thinking about what she's interested in, where she might want to go, and what she sees as important in a college education. We highly recommend her!




Thank you so much for helping me through the college admissions process. It would have been so much more difficult and stressful without your help and guidance. Thank you for always being so kind and supportive. I know I wouldn't be where I'm at today without your help.


Working with Michele has been invaluable. We started the process of college planning, knowing that our son would have some unique challenges to be navigated due to where his interests lie. From the first meeting, we knew that Michele would provide our son with much-needed assistance in narrowing down his school choices. She was able to discuss in depth the pros and cons of the schools on his list, as well as some other schools he hadn’t considered. Every meeting with Michele is productive and personalized; they are engaging, collaborative, and positive.    

Thank you for all the hard work you've devoted to my son's application process. We are so happy with the options he  has. I also appreciate your help with the college essays. It was nice not having to lift a finger during that process. I also wanted to mention that he was pretty reluctant at the start of the process and by then end he was enthusiastic about going to college. Thank you so much!




 Being the first child in my family to be a high school senior, we had no idea what a process of choosing the right college is! Michele’s knowledge, advocacy, and organization were extremely helpful in creating a college search experience that was concise, while thoughtful and informative. With Michele’s help,

I was able to turn in all of my college applications early, and am so confident plan for the next four years! 


I started working with Michele at the beginning of my senior year. I didn't know what I was doing or where to start. She quickly had a plan for me. We met every week for two months, and I was able to apply early to ten schools. I'm happy to say that her help and knowledge guided me through a daunting process. I've heard back from eight of the ten schools and have been accepted to all of them. I can't say enough good things about working with Michele. She helped me so much, and I enjoyed our time together. 

Michele was invaluable in leading us through the college process.  With so many options available, she helped us to narrow down our list of possibilities based on what mattered most. During this process, she also navigated us through the maze of high school requirements and recommendations, deadlines, standardized tests, applications, essays, college campus visits, etc.  We are grateful for Michele’s guidance and after going on the journey, we’re glad we didn’t try to do it alone!