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There are several important parts of the college planning process. To begin the process, we offer a 30-minute complimentary phone call or Zoom meeting to talk about how we can work together and give you an idea of what Pinpoint College Planning can do.



Meetings are an essential part of the college counseling process. After the initial meeting with the family, most sessions will be with the student and the counselor. After each session, parents will receive a follow-up email that contains a summary of what was discussed, along with some things for their students to do or consider. Parents and students can call or email anytime with questions, concerns, or share any updates or news.


Parents play an essential role in the process and will often be asked to provide insight or attend specific meetings to clarify questions.


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Paying for college is a significant concern for most families. We will work to identify colleges where the student may receive merit scholarships. We will also provide general knowledge and resources regarding the need-based financial aid process and additional scholarship searches. While we do not assist families with filling out financial aid forms (FAFSA or CSS Profile), we are always available for questions.

Pinpoint College Planning does not guarantee admission to any college. We will work with your student to create a balanced list of schools for them to apply to. Students write their own essays and fill out college applications. Pinpoint College Planning will guide, lend advice, and support your student through the college admission process.






Freshman or Sophomore Year

The most ideal scenario is to begin consulting with Pinpoint College Planning on a minimal basis during these first two years of high school. Why so early? While students do not need to spend a lot of time on the college process during their freshman and sophomore years, it is good for them to have some guidance in choosing their courses and activities throughout high school. By meeting with Pinpoint Planning early, students can get themselves organized for the college application process ahead.


Most students will begin their college search during the summer before their junior year or in the fall of their junior year. Students need time to plan for testing and test prep (SAT/ACT), to research colleges (and visit if possible), and to choose strategic courses and activities. This timeline does get pushed back, but students are often surprised at how quickly deadlines approach.  The times that students choose for testing can make a huge difference in the overall process, and planning for essay writing, applications, and college visits take time and research.



Some students do not begin their college search process until the summer before their senior year or the fall of their senior year. This may be a choice your student makes, but they will end up on a fast track—choosing colleges and starting applications simultaneously.


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